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Things to do
in Kemmerer and Diamondville 

Kemmerer and Diamondville are wholesome and vibrant communities. We take great pride in our archeological heritage and full advantage of the natural wonder around each town. 

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Fossil Butte

Kemmerer town's moniker comes from the abundance of fossils sealed in the bedrock. Experts in archaeology will teach you how to extract and preserve these fossils at our famous Fossil Butte.

Fish and Game

From the picturesque Fontenelle Creek to the legendary Green River, Kemmerer and Diamondville play host to a number of rich fishing areas and guided excursions. The area is home to a number of hunting grounds as well.


The fossil museum displays some of the most exciting finds from Fossil Butte and the JC Penny store located in the Triangle has kept its original styling, offering a unique glimpse into the past.

Fossil Festival

The Triangle

At the heart of Kemmerer  and Diamondville sits Herschler Triangle, home to shops, restaurants, bars, and a park. The triangle serves as the commercial and social center of the community.

Pine Creek

Hop in the car, throw the skis in the back and be in Pine Creek
within a half hour.
The ski resort located down the road in Cokeville offers access to 30 ski runs of varying difficulty.

Summer Festivals

The Kemmerer town council puts on a number of festivals and community events throughout the summer in Herschler

Park from musical performances to farmers markets. 



Oyster Ridge Music Festival

Fun Facts About Kemmerer

A Growing List of Attractions


Kemmerer was first established in 1898 by Patrick Quealy and named for the owner of the Kemmerer Coal Company, Mahlon Kemmerer.


In 1902, James Cash (JC) Penney established the original JC Penney store in the Triangle where it still stands and operates today both as a shop and museum. 


The diversity and abundance of fossils around Kemmerer indicate a formerly subtropical landscape similar to the Gulf Coast or the Mediterranean.


Wyoming's longest serving governor, Edgar Herschler, was born in Kemmerer and spent much of his life there. In tribute, the town triangle bears his name.

Nearby Kemmerer and Diamondville



Drive time: 5 hours

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