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Kemmerer Industrial Park

Kemmerer and Diamondville are comfortably isolated. While residents and businesses escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, they're never too far from one. Salt Lake City is less than 2 hours away, and Kemmerer and Diamondville are positioned on many of the arterial passageways of the region. Fiber internet keeps Kemmerer, Diamondville, its residents, and its businesses connected to the world beyond the mountain lakes and outdoor activities.

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The Kemmerer Industrial Park highlights:

  • 40 acres of pristine land ready for your business

  • Sits along U.S. Highway 30 Alternate with easy access to U.S. Highway 189

  • Three miles from the nearest electrical substation

  • Utilities, water, and wastewater are all readily available

  • Across the highway from the existing industrial park

Industrial Park Offerings


Utility Access

Water, power, and waste management lines are all accessible on an industrial scale at the KIP.


Developable Land

The KIP is currently a shovel-ready greenfield, ready to be developed. Outside of the industrial park there are acres of cost-efficient and developable land.



The KIP is located within sniffing distance of rail lines, major highways and the municipal airport. 

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Existing Area Business


Kemmerer Operations Mine

One of the oldest and most productive mines in the country, the Kemmerer mine employs hundreds of area residents and is located just east of Kemmerer.


Exxon Shute Creek Facility

The Shute Creek Facility is one of Exxon's most exciting projects. Largely a helium processing facility and carbon catcher, the plant is slated to last until at least the year 2100.


Naughton Power Plant

All that coal has to go somewhere. The Naughton Plant has been working in tandem with the mine since 1963 and supplies power to homes as far as California.

Kemmerer and Diamondville are within close proximity of the Utah Inland Port Authority, which boasts the capacity to ship raw materials and finished goods throughout the world. 

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