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Crime rate, population data, education opportunities and labor overview. 

Welcome Message

Brian Muir
City Administrator, City of Kemmerer

Director of Invest Kemmerer-Diamondville


Kemmerer and Diamondville
are safe 
places to call home. 


safer than the US average

Based on violent crime and property crime data


Population pyramids show the total population by age group for males and females. The larger young population indicates parents see Kemmerer and Diamondville as good places to raise their children. The large population of community elders indicates Kemmerer and Diamondville are good place to retire and spend time with grandchildren.


Education in Kemmerer and Diamondville

Education Opportunities


Boces Program

The Oyster Ridge BOCES Program helps individuals learn professional skill sets and allows high school students to earn college credits concurrent to their enrollment.



850 courses are offered at Western Wyoming Community College, from health

and fitness, to business training, to art and design, along with many more.


Kemmerer Scholarship

Fully funded scholarship to the University of Wyoming in the name of the John "Jay" Kemmerer, business person and great-grandson of Mahlon Kemmerer.

40 Colleges & Universities.png

Within A 4-Hour Drive

Brigham Young University, University of Wyoming, and University of Utah are just

a few of the colleges

within driving distance of Kemmerer and Diamondville.

Kemmerer and Diamondville Workforce

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Force Overview

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview


Ready to work

in the region

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview


Military Friendly

Veterans labor force participation rate is 89.3% - 13% higher than the national average

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview


Diverse Local Economy

includes 20 unique industries ranging from coal to public administration

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview


Mountains of Industries

Kemmerer and Diamondville are home to 19 NAICS classification industries employing over 2,600 people. The largest employment sector is Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction with 550+ employees.

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview


Educated Workforce

94.1% of the Kemmerer and Diamondville workforce has at least a high school degree, outpacing the Wyoming (93%) and US (88%) averages.

Kemmerer and Diamondville

Labor Overview

Copy of 89%.png

Higher Education

Nearly 30% of resident have an associate's or bachelor's degree

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