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Why Kemmerer and Diamondville?

Tax incentives, community support, their location and safe, healthy environment

make Kemmerer and Diamondville an ideal place to relocate your family and business.

Moving to Kemmerer and Diamondville

Hear the stories of those who call Kemmerer and Diamondville home.

Taxes and Incentives

Kemmerer and Diamondville, Lincoln County, and Wyoming are dedicated to providing support without being overbearing. Incentive programs are set up through both the state and the county to get your business off the ground. 

In addition,

Wyoming boasts the second lowest combined tax rate in the country and, according to Kiplinger, Wyoming is the most tax friendly state for middle class families.


Community Support

The people of Kemmerer and Diamondville are eager for new business, and ready to lend support to new entrepreneurs in the area. With low unemployment and high average wages, there is money to be spent in Kemmerer and Diamondville, and people eager to spend it.


Sometimes a business needs some breathing room to get started. Kemmerer and Diamondville offer the best of the small town with the amenities and convenience of having a big city nearby. Affordable housing and commercial space are readily available.


Our communities are incredibly safe. Their small town feel is a testament to the friendly nature of the community. New business owners have a lot to focus on, and not having to worry so much about security can alleviate some of those worries.


While Kemmerer and Diamondville have a lot to offer in terms of physical health like gyms, parks and access to healthy food, we have also worked diligently over the past 15 years to increase access to mental health services and providers.

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